Planet Earth still looks pretty good from a distance. A planet with the capacity to amply accommodate humans and animals alike. In mutual harmony.

In the history of the world, five-hundred-fourty-seven astronauts were given the opportunity to glimpse our earth from a distance. They tell us that it is not easier to be happy that far away.

And yet, there are still people making plans to settle down on planet Mars for good. A barren place. But some of the super-rich such as Elon Musk dream of building a new civilisation there.

So what happened to ours?



Marianne Thieme
Marianne Thieme is co-founder of the Party for the Animals and chair of the parliamentary group in the House of Representatives. After obtaining her law degree at Erasmus University in Rotterdam, worked for a governmental advice bureau in The Hague (1998-2001). In her leisure time, she worked as a volunteer for the Dierenbescherming (the Dutch Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). She then decided to make a career in animal protection, and subsequently became a policy adviser for Bont voor Dieren (‘Fur for Animals’), an organisation for the protection of fur-bearing animals. In 2004, she became director of Wakker Dier, an organisation that fights for the abolition of the factory farming industry.

In October 2002 Marianne Thieme co-founded the Party for the Animals and in 2006 Marianne and colleague Esther Ouwehand were elected into the House of Representatives and she became chair.